The last treatment was about 6am, right before shift change, the nurse totally saw the dis pare in my face, not knowing until that afternoon that she had advised the other nurses and put a note on the door that we were NOT TO BE DISTURBED, EVERYone had to check in at the desk before coming in.  I woke up and it was nearly 9am, it felt great to have slept almost 3 solid hours, David was stirring and was a little more active, he wanted to eat, I opened the door and the nurse rushed over asking if everything was o.k., I smiled and said just fine, can I feed him now please, they had not stocked up the room with formula since he was in the tent and still had the fever as of last night.  The nurse came in to check him and called the doctor and gave me the "go ahead" to feed him and she showed me how all the machines hooked & unhooked so I could hold and rock him, this was going to be a good day!!

Our infectious disease doctor came in with the floor doctor for routine rounds, he said he was sorry David was back and had to be admitted but was certain on his end things were well with the antibiotic treatment and David still seemed to be responding to his liking.  The floor doctor said he was doing well with the steroids and this is what probably boosted his appetite and he would scale the treatments to every 4 to 6 hours throughout this day and see how we looked tonight.  I was happy with the report but I was more elated to finally get to hold and cuddle with David, I fed him and rocked him back to sleep and didn't put him down for what seemed to be hours.
The rocking chair is exactly where my folks found us when they came, they had my aunt in tow and we all had a nice visit.  My dad and I took a walk to the cafeteria, since I was starving and left my mom and her sister in the room to look after David.  My girl's both called while I was eating and they were a little upset I had not called them first thing in the morning, I tried to explain to them I was a exhausted and got a little extra sleep with the help of the nurses and that I was eating for the first time since they had left last night, I think they understood but still seemed upset when we hung up.  I can only do what I can do, this was the most frustrating situation I have ever been in, there was not enough of me to go around and EVERYone needed me but no one more so than David, at least right at this very moment in this situation.

We didn't talk much over lunch, we just kind of "checked in" on one another and left the rest unsaid at least for now, there would be a different time and place for whatever else was on his mind.  We returned to the room and found my aunt gone and my mom asleep in the rocking chair with David tight in her arms.  My dad and I snuck in and sat on the couch and watched her for almost 20 minutes before she realized we were there and the nurse came in the check his vitals, she shifted and put him back in his crib so they could check his IV and give him some steroids since he had eaten very well. 
They stayed for a bit longer and then they were off, I was alone an sat staring out at the courtyard as our room faced the inside of the hospital.  I sat for over an hour while David slept, until my oldest daughter came in for a visit before she went to work, she was happy she was able to pick him up, we didn't speak much, she sat by his side rubbing his tiny arms until he opened his eyes then she scooped him up, he was still all attached so she couldn't go far, so the old rocking chair it was! 
She stayed for about 2 hours then she had to leave, I asked if she was bringing her sister down later and she said "no" she had the closing shift at the pizza parlor, I said "ok, maybe your dad will bring her down, I know she wants to see David and mentioned maybe staying with me", nothing more was said and she left for the night.  It was awful to be stuck in this room, I couldn't even leave to get a drink of water, I had to call the nursse or wait until someone came by and then say "hey do you mind"... **sigh** really how many more days of this? 

I had to call in each night to work as this was my normal work week and let them know what was going on, although understanding this was WAY out of the norm or me and made me very anxious, I was such a routine person and this was SO not a routine situation.  I had called me youngest daughter and asked if she was coming and she said her dad refused to bring her, she was balling which in turn made me very upset since I was in NO position to go get her and bring her to the hospital myself, talk about a horrid night! 
My best friend Julie said she would bring her tomorrow if we were still there when she came to visit, she called to check-in and all I could cry to her was PLEASE NOT ONE MORE NIGHT IN HERE!!

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