1 down...

I have to admit it was kind of nice to be back at work, it made me feel normal again, if that makes ANY sense at all, it was a job that I liked doing and it made me feel good to be able to help people, I was good at my job and proud of what I did.  I had a ton of support and a lot of offers for help if only my stubborness would move aside I might have taken up a few more offers than I had, it was like one big family and even though they did not know my sister, they were there for me!

I came home and found my daughter downstairs making a bottle, I quickly swapped places with her and she headed back upstairs to go back to bed.  David was still up in his crib and was pretty worked up by this time and seemed happy to see me, he smiled really big and was asleep after two big gulps.  He finished his bottle and I laid him back in his crib then I sprawled out on my bed clothes and all.  I was still not caught up on my sleep and although I sat for 10 hours at work, it was a very mentally challenging 10 hours and took what energy I had built back up right out of me.

David had a follow-up doctor appointment today, this one I was not able to schedule around my work hours so this would be a long day but hey, what else was new?!?! 
My daughter woke me up, I dropped her off at the bus stop, came back home and David was ready to eat again, full, bathed and back down while I got ready for his appointment.  We headed to the hospital, found the office and were greeted by two very, very sweet receptionists as they had heard about David and were SO expecting us.  I completed more paperwork, put my temporary guardianship papers on file and we were taken back to the exam room where the Dr joined shortly after.  He checked David thouroughly as {again} this antibiotic was strong and now creeping up on 9 lbs could have some serious effects on David's little organs, he assured me this was all routine and the appointment was completed as we were given the 'green' light to continue the treatment and he would see us back in 2 weeks. **phew** good news was not what I was used to getting these last few weeks!

I called my folks on my way home as well as my oldest daughter, she was relieved we got a good bill of health beginning this treatment and I would find out more with the pediatrician appoinment later this week for the {full} results of our hospital stay.  My dad was grateful & my mom cried, I can't imagine what my folks are going through, to lose a child has to be something NO ONE would ever wish upon anyone.  They always say you should always out live your children, not bury them.
When I got home I had a very sleepy little boy and he slept pretty much the remainder of the afternoon, he was coming up on a month old now, 9 lbs and a {overnight} permanent fixture in our home, yet feeling like he had been here forever!

With one appointment under my belt, an {awful} unexpected hospital stay and one more follow-up to come, we should be good to go and focus on our court issues and be home free!!  There IS a light at the end of this tragic tunnel....

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