Will today be the day ? ?

W H Y do taboo's only seem to impact the bad? I mean really, if someone says, or you even think to yourself, "Can ANYthing else go wrong today?! and all be damned if it does and in epic ways..

W H Y do taboo's not work when I think to myself "I wish I would win the lottery?" 


Have you ever been so upset that all you can do is laugh, and laugh so hard you cry, then feel bad for crying because you know there is someone having a worser day than you, then you think is that EVEN possible ?! ?! ?! 

YEAH, that is today, scratch that, the last 24 hours to be exact! I know there is a lack of sleep issue, an over-worked and stressed factor, but seriously, can I catch a friggin' break ?! ?! 

I fear if something doesn't give ~ today will be the day, I SNAP! Hide your children, don't make eye contact and for god's sake, hide all the CHOCOLATE.....