We finally woke up with all the hustle and bustle that was starting to happen in the house, this was just my parents getting up, making coffee and moving around.  I remember like it was yesterday, still, my parents watching us sleep, wanting to be quiet but wanting us to get up and be with them, the first silent thought that went through my head was I woke up and my little sister did not!
We all migrated outside, it was a gorgeous morning as it always seemed to be at my parents house, we all sat on the porch we all loved to sit at and look at the hills and drink our coffee, believe it or not that is where I got my obsession for the java, I detested the stuff till then.

My sister started off the conversation, our parents were less than speechless and seemed we were the ones to keep them on track this past week.  We discussed the trip we would be taking to Merced this morning or early afternoon and how excited and scared to death we all were, we still had not talked a lot about what was going to happen with the baby boy that was lying in an isolate and had been all alone for the last 5 days with no visitors.  My sister had seen the baby, David, after his birth and then again when my parents took her up to see him 3 days after she had him, my parents had talked little about him other then what a wonderful job Tanya had done during birth and how very  proud they were of her and how she was looking so forward to raising her son which at that point the conversation ended as the tears and heartache brought us back to the reality that she was really gone.  We all sat for a little time more, composed ourselves if you will when friends and family started to arrive, it was mid morning and I was grateful they gave us that much time because it was non-stop for the next week.  Many close friends and family were in and out, there was a lot of food, a lot of phone calls, flowers and just as many hugs and tears.  
We had a huge support team, for a lack of better words, there was always someone at the house inside with my mom and someone outside with my dad, I can't tell you who all they were but I know my godmother was a god send and my dad's closest friends never left his side.  My sister and I as well as my girl's filled in the gaps, not slowing down once, that would have meant we would have had to 'really' think about things and that was just not an option at this point there was too much that needed to be done. 

The 4 of us took turns in getting ready as best we could and headed out the door, it was almost 1pm by now when we piled into my dad's truck as if we were 8 years old and going on a vacation road trip, it was a fond memory that rushed back to me and as fast as it came, it left with the simple fact of this was not the vacation road trip I had planned on taking.  I do remember we had a nice drive, although there was not a lot of conversation, it was about 40 minutes north of were we lived so it was just enough time to prepare ourselves for a rush of emotions, again!

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