it was a busy day, when is it NOT a busy day in this household that we operate and live in?!  I was coming upstairs to bring up some clothes when I heard it as I rounded the corner and entered my bedroom, down the hall, on the opposite end of the house,  the sweetest and deepest belly laugh I had never heard before. I thought it may have been one of the boys in David's room playing with him as I had put a movie on as he asked so he could watch it while we got ready to leave the house for "errand" day as David got to stay home from school today. 

I snuck down the hall, peeked in and saw him lying on his stomach, crossed legs, arms up and palms holding his chin up, he was alone in his room and TOTALLY laughing at a scene on the movie!  I was excited and had not heard him laugh on his own to a movie before, a sign I take that he is getting older ): and he is gaining his "own" person I guess, I can't explain it other than it was the cutest thing as it gave me a 'sad mommy feeling of joy' then all afternoon he was replaying the scenes and phrases...SO adorable (: 

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