the cough...

I find it hard to {still} imagine what it is like to struggle for a breath, talk without having to cough or breath with the weight of a semi truck on your chest.

I should know this by now, I took care of my sister for years with this condition and now care for her son with the same ailments.  He is so brave, hospital stay after hospital stay he has the routine down, the `puffer` then Tylenol and then the "achine" when he can now tell me in his tiny voice "mama I can't breev."
It is bittersweet, I hate when he is sick but love the fact he is cuddles and sticks by my side "mama, I don't feel good, hold me pweese"

I still after 5 years struggle to accept the fact that he has such special needs yet he is the single bravest little soul and most energetic little boy I have ever known, I am truly blessed!

God Bless you my love,

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