day #3

Morning came, day nurses came on, it was shift change, I kissed her forehead as she was finally in a good sleep and I stepped out of the room to get some fresh air and enjoy the sunlight and make a few phone calls. I called my girl's to make sure they were ready for school, my folks to tell them nothing had changed overnight other than more tests and blood work and we should have the results later this afternoon, then I called my sister to make sure she was better today and she told me she would be coming down after work today which I have to be honest was a relief to me, I might be able to sleep a little and take a break from the hospital setting that I have been living for the last 3 days now. I was not willing nor able at this point to tell my parents about the conversation if you will she and I had shared last night.

My parents arrived late morning, family and more friends seemed to fill the waiting and family rooms today, there was also a lot of activity in and out of her room. My mom and I were next in line to go into her room, as we entered the doors, the nurse stopped us and said to my mother, I have an urgent phone call for you and handed her the phone. My mom started to cry and plea for nothing more to happen until she and my dad could get down there to sign the proper paperwork, she hung up the phone and told me that was a CPS worker calling from Valley Children's Hospital in Merced advising her that they would be placing a hold on the baby who had not had and visitors up to and including the mother and father in 3 days now. Needless to say, my mom already running on high emotions fell apart and as her and my dad rushed 45 miles up north to meet with the CPS worker as well as the NICU staff nurses. The baby was a month early and in fairly good health, he was admitted to NICU due to his size and his inability to swallow and keep down any formula, other than that his vital organs & birth condition was fine.

I stayed in her room most of that afternoon, there was a lot of activity if you will with nurses, more tests and such. She seemed to be in a state of rest, it is the only way I can describe it, it was weird to me but a relief at the same time to see her finally resting.

My parents returned to the hospital a few hours later, most of our family’s & friends had gone home and my daughters were about ready to leave when we all decided to go to the cafeteria and get a bite to eat for the evening shift change, we ate and the girl's left for home, it was a little later than I had preferred but considering the circumstances I guess it could slide.

I joined my parents back in the cafeteria after walking the girls out, hoping to finally talk about what happened in Merced when we were then meet by her Dr that had apparently been looking for us in her room, he approached us and asked us to join him outside, we did as he looked at us one by one. He was a family Dr and had been her Dr for 20 plus years for her asthma symptoms and treatment. He called us all by name, my mom, dad and then I, this was not going to be good, I had a gut feeling this was not going to be the news we wanted to hear but still positive it would be something we could fight for.

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