imagination OR obsession

….ok, SO, something’s you just can’t deny….I mean we first acknowledge then we recover, RIGHT?!?!

I have to wonder how can something SO little consume your last thought as your day ends, make you think about it, even crave it in your time of need! !

So small that it gets lost, I wake up in a panic and wonder what has happened, search to no avail, where did it go? Obsessed until I can get my hands on it again, reaching, searching and even with my eyes closed I can usually manage to find at least one of them.

They come in different colors and have to be replaced frequently; I have an extra reserve stash readily available at all times! I have to take them when I travel, even keeping them in several different rooms in the house. I can have just one but two is usually a requirement!!
If they are not on board by the time I fall asleep they are DEFINITELY in hand wrapped tightly or resting on my chest….

David will usually be my silent keeper and brings them to me when he finds them in his bed “mama, here is your ears to sleep”

I mean EVERYone has to wear ear-plugs when they fall asleep, R I G H T?!?!?!?!?!?

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