he politely says "mom, im ready to get out"

we wash his knees, elbows and toes

i get his favorite buzz lightyear towel, with a hoodie or his cape as he frequently calls it

we fly to his bedroom to dress him for bed

he says "mama, tonight can u put lotion all over me, it makes me `mell` so good and cwean"

yes baby, I will

we jump up to dress, he says "mom, I love you so much" with a HUGE kiss as I reply David, I think I love you more, he tells me, as he jumps in my arms "I love you whole much mama" then the BIGGEST hug I could have asked for and the LONGEST hug with the littlest hands tapping and rubbing my back!!

THAT is the reassurance I crave

good night, sweet dreams my angel baby, luv mom

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