just a thought....

as we ran about today, as we conversed, laughed and joked with one another it came to me, I am in love with the best thing that could have EVER happened to me at this point in my life!!

there are things that happen throughout the weeks and days when I have little moments of reflection that make me wonder "how deserving am I?" of this love, as I'm certain he does the same.  it is a love, respect only we can understand, a love that only happens once, and as I've preached before, the one that came out of "nowhere, completely unexpected" but the one that came at the most perfect time".

I can honestly say that I had truly given up, I had no longer wished, hoped or even prayed that 'THE ONE' would ever come along.  perhaps it was my destiny, my unique situation or my unwillingness to settle, only god knows and for that I thank him.

we have our moments, ohhh goodness do we, and perhaps we should have waited a bit longer for some past and more frequent issues to resolve, settle or be buried completely but having to have dealt with them, and some in a gruesome manner, yuck!! I would not have traded the time served for anything at this point, in my opinion, and that is the only one that matters, right? it has been a definite growing experience I was glad to have been privy too. do trust me when I say it was bad when it reared it's ugly head..I take comfort in knowing such a negative experience has turned into such a positive outlook on our future.

my respect for the man I have loved for sometime only grows deeper as each day passes. 

is it possible to love someone so much that it hurts??

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