I can't believe....

we actually got to leave town, actually got to stay over night and actually had a GREAT time, well, till the ride home, and, uhhhh, I choose NOT to revisit THAT incident at this time, it is my right, right??

we took our leisure time, arrived at our destination, unloaded the truck, got some grub and forgot about reality, no cell service, no internet, no phone on your side, no messages coming through every 5 seconds, just fresh air, relaxation and a gorgeous view!!

I have, well I thought I had a good sense of direction, but for some reason when he is driving I lose it all and have had to be questioned on my "do you know where your going" directions...I blame it all on his driving, it sucks and makes me car sick!!  Yea Yea, is is all his fault, always is right?  It was just nice to able to have ANY interaction with him OTHER than the 5-10 minutes we usually get as we are literally passing in the hallway as one is coming and one is always going.

we drove up to Sonora to visit my sister and her family and upon arrival & greeting we gravitated outside to the deck/pool area.  the water was so NOT warm, the nights up there get to cool now to keep the water at a decent temperature BUT to a 5 year old it is "wet" and that is all that seemed to matter.

I stood and watched David tip-toe in the water for 30 minute or so then when Uncle Derek got in, he went full on body and was out a little after that "water cold mama!!"

we sat up top on the deck, the kids played, David found a "burr" patch, OK burr hill that he seemed to have rolled down after thinking he was a tight-rope walker for the circus on the stone wall above the patch, he bounced up as he hit the bottom like "ta-da I'm OK"....a few battle wounds, scraps and scratches later, we all decided we better for the sake of the rest of the property to go get a bite to eat!!

it was Family Night at the local Round Table pizza, "Krinkles" the clown was there and was face-painting and animal ballooning it for kids and adults alike, even got David to partake in some painting, but the ARM only mama!!
we had a GREAT dinner, yes, I said it, and YES we were at a small little Round Table pizza, but to see my sister, her husband as well as mine enjoy themselves over pizza, beer and good company was priceless to me.  WAY to often we are only together for holidays, birthday parties and at our ages, funeral's, PLEASE enough of them already, I'm plenty sure I've reached the quota for a long time to come! 

we didn't have any specific plans, we talked as the conversation flowed, we laughed when David pooped himself because he was having so much fun and the sliding door was only 5 steps {TOO far} away from the bathroom after  he had already ran up a flight of stairs, we weren't worried about interruption or even responsibilities, it was the most enjoyable time I have had in a very long time.

we got back home right at dusk, took a stroll of the property on the little dirt, gravel road no, really, it was....you could smell the pine tress, you could hear the toads and he crickets.  the wind was blowing, making just enough breeze to make you want to go put a sweater on, but you didn't dare want to waste a moment missing the sunset.  we thought we would be able to see the stars but instead cloud cover moved in and we were able to see a lightening show, it was a sight!

the next morning we got a bright and early start with the hustle and bustle of school and work, we packed and said our good-bye's till next time and took a ride into Jamestown where we ate a place on main street, MOTHER LODE Coffee Shop, I claimed to be a hole in the wall yet it looked like a main staple. we then walked down main street to let our food settle as we hit the road back home.

"mama, take our picture!!"  OK baby, say CHEESE!!



  1. Trishy, this is a PERFECT story! I loved reading every bit of it! I felt like I was there with you, and I could even picture you laughing. It makes me thankful for my family and the laughter we have. It makes me thankful for all the things God gives to us every day if we just stop and look!

    PS, I haven't been to Mother Lode Coffee Shop in AGES but you just brought back a million more memories there! Thank you!!!!

  2. Anonymous9/30/2011

    Lea' from me to you....you are SO welcome!! xoxo