I just don't think they get it

...Since when is entitlement a "gimme" and not a sense of accomplishment or true understanding of what life is about. 

you have made fun of my choices, you laugh at me & to my face, you have disrespected me, talked trash to others about me, including your own family.
yet why have you not been brave enough to do this in front close friends? is it because you know they would stop you dead in your tracks, tell you how wrong you are, how evil you are, how selfish you are being, how mean and truly ignorant you are to others feelings and the things that happen in their life?!  things that you choose to over look, because you think you are above living with any of it, and want to pretend like it is all about you and you are entitled to SO much more than you have earned?

yet in one hand you try so hard to be like me, of course NOT letting me know, taking what I say as a joke and attempting to implement it the moment I leave the room.  I still DO have eyes in the back of my head...

...I think I will take my wisdom, own it, it is mine, along with my experience and continue to live my life for ME and continue to love, support and be there when you need guidance, because THAT is the kind of person I am, that is the kind of MOM that I am!  one day and only one day do I hope you realize what it is like to walk in my shoes and not try to trip me every time you have the opportunity.

the things I do I OWN and the things I don't I learn from, I've become a much wiser/secure person over the last 5 years and NOTHING can break me, take from me the person I am today!

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