he said ...

I was dodging bullets when I read over your post, it truly breaks my heart, I replied it is breaking mine too, he said, I can tell!!

We talked into the wee hours and, as always, he brings me back to where I need to be, grounds me if you will...he makes sense of my madness and brings reality back to life!

He is the keeper of my soul and has signed on for more than I think I ever realized, he thinks he knows, but does he really?  the answer would be DEFINITELY!

I'm grateful that my writing is my {safe} outlet, I'm grateful he understands, wants to read it, wants to share it, wants to fix it all and most of all, wants to be here for me no matter what happens!!

{sooooooooo next time you tune in} this is for you baby...plain & simple....THANK YOU for caring

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