unconditional love it is.....

....a rough night at best, or morning?  only a few hours sleep from the time my head hit the pillow to the time I felt a peck on my cheek, and a whisper of G'Mooooorning mama in my ear and of course in HIS bed so as to not keep daddy darrow awake his last few hours of sleep.

we proceeded to have a little"us" time, chit-chat over our mickie dee's parfait's I got last night on my way home to surprise him this morning and then the normal barrage of questions;
"I have to go to school mama?"  Yes, David, so you can be smart {as he sings/spells P U R P L E} as the theme color/song yesterday at school....
"You have to go to work mama?"  Yes David, but later tonight, I have to make money for your 'prizes' remember
"Who gunna pick me up mama?" I will baby, as I remind him today is pizza day

as we pull into the parking lot and he sees the kids playing outside and as he tells me "Wook mama, they playing outside, they are asking "where is David at"....I smile big and sit for just a moment to look at his excitement....he then takes his seat belt off and climbs over the seat to grab his 'blankie' and tells me......

"Have a good day at work mom" I remind him, "OH BABY, MAMA IS GOING HOME TO GO BACK TO SLEEP" he then looks as me and says "have a good day sweeping mom, I don't want you GROUCHY {as we always joke} when you pick me up today, k?" I laugh and shake my finger back and forth, OK BABY NOOOOOOOOO G R O U C H Y today!! 

and he's GONE, runs off like I never existed....under my breath after a quick kiss on the forehead I whisper...HAVE A GREAT DAY DAVID..MoM LOVES YOU!!

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