10 years ago today...

as this day represents WAY more than me turning another year older, I mean since birthday's are the "stuff" once you realize there is NO more Santa Claus, I will reflect on the fact that 5 years ago I was standing at "Ground Zero" standing at the actual sight were an unthinkable tragedy brought us death and emotional despair. I could not help but to be deeply sadden yet at the same time grateful for my life, for my freedom.  as I stood there and watched my oldest daughter holding ribbons that had been tied to the chain link fence, reading letters that were written from the children & families who had lost their loved ones, standing there, staring at what was still a dusty, messy massive hole, thinking their are still people buried beneath all the rubble, it was if only for a split second you could almost feel the presence of their souls around you.

as I continue to get birthday wishes sent to me, I feel just as grateful for each and every person in my life that has taken just a moment out of their day to think of me, this I do know, I AM truly blessed!! 

how can I EVER begin to THANK you personally for being in my life!!  God Bless my life, my freedom along with my family and friends..xoxo

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