"I'm on 'acation' too mom?"....

....he snuck in as he usually does, whispering g'morning mama, as he climbs right over the top of me, not that there is a WHOLE other side of the king size bed that is completely open and snuggles right up close and falls back to sleep, if only for a split second.

his questions soon begin...."do I have to go to school today?" no, not today
"I get to stay home with you?" yep, you sure do
"Do you have to go to work mama?" no, not tonight, "So you 'tay home with me then right mama?" yes David, what do you want to do today?  "I want a sammich and go to the park"  right now?  "yea mama, get up, let's go"


he had the entire park to himself, so we played, we walked to the 2 other areas and he thought it was just "way cool" this new park {to him} ....??

david's asks as we get to the third area, "mom, they have baffrooms here?" yes, WHY, do you have to go potty? "yea, come on mom, I need to hurry" we gather our drinks quickly and head across the park to the restrooms, the whole time he is holding orange juice in one hand and his bottom in the other "mom, I think the poo-poo is coming out" OK come on, lets walk faster "I can't" as he turns the talk to his poo-poo "you stay in there, we are almost there" pwease don't come out yet, you can do this" I'm DYING at this point and had NO heart to take a pic for the mere fact it would be a code brown on grassy area #2.

as we left the park to get his haircut he tells me, again, how much he loves me and with those words, I my heart melts, then he proclaims, "MOM, I LIKE BEING ON 'ACATION TOO LIKE YOU, YOU TIRED OF WORKING HUH MAMA?" such a smart smart boy...maybe we need to talk to daddy about this "acation" thing :)

we continue our journey to the car wash, which is never fun as far as David is concerned, but today he only "freaked" when we pulled in then begged to come back again today.  We will see how far that request goes the next time we really need to come back!!

we make it to the Mall, he is a good boy but mid-way tells me "mama, I'm tired of walking, can u get me a car pwease" I know this, we find a check out and we left.  David got to ride the "treats" for being such a good boy...

home bound now for some lunch and a nap for my little "acationer"

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