angels amoung US...

our morning ritual is just as amazing as the day that has been given to us...he climbs up in my bed, right next to me and kisses me, tells me "mama I love you berry much" I sleep in my bed like a good boy huh" Yes baby you did and I love you more as I hug him tight.

we lay there and cuddle for a few more minutes and he sits STRAIGHT up and says "dats me mom" right there" I ask him where as I look to my night stand.  He tells me "right there" I reply to him, oh yeah, the picture on the wall, that is all of us, me, you & daddy.  He says "NO MAMA, right there, with the wings, the tall one, that is me"  I ask him are you an angel?  He replies, "YEAH, I'm a good angel huh" I tell him, with broken words, YOU ARE AN ANGEL AND YOU ARE A VERY VERY GOOD ANGEL & MOMMY LOVES YOU SO MUCH!!

He simply looks at me and says "I like being an angel mama" is it time to get up yet? 
Off we go to the kitchen to make him the breakfast....  

Andrea bought me this angel the last time David was admitted to VCH for what we would "dub" his yearly admission.  coincidentally he has NOT been admitted since, so MAYBE, just maybe this is OUR guardian angel!!

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