vacation's over

Back to reality it is...We got in late so I could not get David until the next morning, a little extra sleep helped since I got as sick as I have EVER been while we were in New York, figures I would be down for 2 solid days out of 5!   It was still a fun trip and we saw a lot of sights including "Ground Zero", it was extremely moving.

I made my way to Madera where I was SO excited to see my little angel, my parents were sad to see him go, it did them good to have him there even though my mom cried the whole time, per my dad, and he, well, he held up like a rock, he is my strength, he is why I am doing what I'm doing now, my dad is the most amazing soul I know.  I made my visit a quick one, took a few more items I needed for David at my house and told them I would be in touch the first of the week when I got confirmation from the Dr about when they had set the appointments for David. 

When I got home, both of the girls were there and anxiously awaiting our arrival, I think they were even more excited then I was to see David, they held him, hugged him and didn't let him go until the absolute last minute possible when they laid him down in is bed.  I laid awake most of the night, jet-lag, maybe, stress and worry, quite possible.  The only thing I could think about was the 'what-ifs', I mean what if he was as sick as his mom, then it all came back to me, it flooded me, I was not able to make to it to the shower for this one, I barely made it downstairs, I didn't want to wake up the kids, I locked myself in the bathroom downstairs, sat on the floor, balled up in the corner and balled!

The weekend ended with a little relaxation, a few visitors and a lot of laundry.  I called the Dr's office first thing Monday morning and they confirmed they had made the referral to Valley Children's Hospital to the Infectious Disease clinic where they will now follow-up on David's care since he was exposed to Valley Fever in the womb.  It was going to be very important what strain he was exposed to, if it was bacterial then we would be ok with treatment, treatment for several months and it still held a positive outlook, if it was the viral strain then we would have to reevaluate the whole treatment regimen as well as his health as it would be in danger.  I would now have to wait a week for this appointment and pray for the best, I mean what else could go wrong, why would he have even made it this far, what would the purpose of that have been?

I was set to go back to work this next week bringing a new challenge to this journey, a challenge I was not sure how it would exactly play out, challenge I had no idea what the rules were or even what the prize was if I was able to even complete this 'challenge'.

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