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The honeymoon is over, back to work it is and the a new schedule is in order, have I mentioned I am type A and NOT good with change?  I had not really thought about what I/we were gunna do when I went back to work as I worked nights and the girl's were in school and the oldest had a job.   I knew it would be difficult at best but it's what I/we signed up for, RIGHT?

I had set all the Dr's appointments and made some phone calls to make sure David was properly insured.  My sister had signed up for WIC and had David on county medical. 
I had to take David for an scheduled appointment and after sitting in the waiting room for over 2 hours when I was 20 minutes early for his appointment time, I was determined to make sure he had private insurance from that point on.  I'm not above the county system but this child was needing special care and I was confidant the system would fail him. 

 I had, at this point very little contact or knowledge of David's father.  I knew he had visited David once while he was in the hospital and he knew through my cousin and his circle of friends that David was with me and that I would be seeking guardianship.  I had talked extensively to my parents about this and they TOTALLY agreed but also wanted to be on the papers as well as they feared something would happen to me as it did their youngest child.  The last thing we wanted to happen was for this newborn baby to be turned over to his birth father. 
NOW, that sounds bad, this I know but this I do not regret saying, there was a long history of drugs involved with the father and there was a long history of abuse with my sister as well as temper issues in everyday life. 
This child was NOT going to fall through the cracks of the system, my determination was stronger than the hurt I had for the loss of my little sister!

I had avoided calling or making contact with his father since he knew where he was, he had shown NO sign of acknowledgement or interest.  My parents and I had contacted an attorney and had all our motions in place when we had him served his court papers to appear for the initial hearing for primary guardianship.  We had to make sure that everyone over the age of 18 in our family, including my oldest daughter were served papers with our intent to become sole guardians over this newborn child.  The only saving grace at this point was that my sister had NOT placed the father's name on the birth certificate which gave my parents immediate custody upon her death, listing them as "next of kin". 
There was no one in our family who would contest the guardianship issue as they all knew it was the best for the David.  I worried immensely from this point on since we had NO idea what this man was about and/or what his family background/history was and good cause since shortly after him being served I received a letter that said I was to be arrested for child kidnapping the moment I stepped foot into court on the day we are to be seen for the preliminary hearing.  
After I freaked out and called my parents in sheer panic, I called the father and had some words with him which I thought went well but then later received my official court papers which listed me as breaking the law and under penalty I am being charged with kidnapping, child concealment and child endangerment. 

I could NOT even tell you what thoughts went through my head and what worries I had at this point, I knew all about these charges since I worked in law enforcement and knew the seriousness, although knew as well I was NOT in violation of any of them and this would be an uphill battle all the way!! 

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