New York or bust

Today was the day, drop-offs went well and our arrival at the airport was in plenty of time to enjoy some "girlie" beverages while we waited to board what would be our home for the next 5 hours. 
We were excited and no one looking at us would have ever known what had just happened in our lives, we were having some good laughs and feeling relaxed as they called our seats and we boarded the plane.
I was counting the hours and praying I did not get the phone call mid flight when I would NOT be able to answer the call from the doctor's office.  There was nothing I could do as I looked at my phone one last time and turned it off, it felt like I was turning off my life, I was disconnecting with any life form for the next 5 hours and it scared the hell out of me.  Normally it is a relief to not be SO dependent on a cell phone but my life has totally revolved around mine the last few weeks and to be without it, well, was like being without air, silly I know but it hopefully puts a little more perspective on the whole ordeal.

We were off and flying, I tried to journal and could not keep my mind straight to save my life.  It seemed with a little nap and some food we were arrived at our destination and ready to begin our BIG CITY adventure!
We got off the plane, grabbed our luggage and hailed a taxi, THAT was an experience in it's own. We had about a 30 minute drive and of course we had to go through Harlem which scared us girl's as we were certain if we had made it this far then we would be just fine.  I was just praying we made it to the hotel and our much awaited carriage ride in Central park tonight which we would be viewing Tavern on the Green. 
ARRIVED!!   we made it, and we were alive (:  we were about to get out of the cab when my phone rang, it was about 5 p.m. back home and nearly 8 p.m. in New York time.  I stopped and sat back in my seat in the taxi, Julie had to tell the driver to wait as he was ready for his next fare, with or without me in the taxi. 

The Dr. asked if I had made my trip ok and asked if I was siting down, I nearly passed out, I was about ready to throw up, I told him, "yes I was, what are the results?"  He replied that they had come back negative for any strain of bacterial or viral infection of the Valley Fever BUT they wanted to start him on a regimen as soon as possible to make sure that NOTHING was missed.  He assured me that I can wait until I return at the end of the week to bring him back the hospital and he would make the appointment for me with the Infectious Disease Dr at Valley Children's Hospital. 
By the end of the phone conversation we DEFINITELY had the attention of the driver now and he was more than patient which was very much appreciated, he was tipped well for his time.
I was a mess when the phone call ended, this was a little step in a positive direction and if this was how things were turning around then I was opening BOTH arms an embracing it at ANY pace or way it needed to come around!  I made a few phone calls and was greeted with tears and positive support and wished an amazing week away to regain ME!

Soooooooooooo, let the adventure begin, we checked in to our hotel an off to Central Park we went, we were staying right across the street and it was beautiful at night and the carriage ride was more amazing than I had, we had imagined.  This was going to be a good week, there was no way it couldn't be now with this news. New York Subway system and of course, Tiffany's here we come!!

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