short and sweet

I made a quick stop by my parents house before heading home, I was looking forward to a good night at home with my girl's, relaxing, quiet and possibly a little more sleep. 
My sister was gone and only a few close friends were at my parents house and my dad seemed a little relieved I had stopped by and was looking forward to be home alone tonight with my mom, I was worried but he said they would be just fine, he was ready!  I worried no more, YEAH RIGHT, kissed them both and told him I would see them tomorrow morning.

I made my way home, made a few phone calls and waited for my girls to come home from school and work.  I have some of the greatest friends and co-workers, they showered me and my family with meals, cards, love and now tons of things I would be needing to welcome home a new baby boy. The girls and I were anxious to get him home yet on the other hand knew we were in for a HUGE change, a change for all of us~not a lot more was thought or talked about, we just needed to get him home and that was it, nothing more, nothing less.

The girls had other plans for the night so I was home alone, well, not for long, I got a phone call and soon welcomed 2 close friends and they had brought over a 'baby shower' is what I like to call it, it was amazing, so much stuff, I was all of the sudden self sufficient and was very well prepared for this baby  have had NO time to prepare for, I mean my girls were teenagers, I had NO idea what the trends were now-a-days. 
I was overwhelmed and thankful, we laughed and we cried as I shared my sorrow as well as my fears, they listened and gave me a lot more than their support that night and for that I will be forever grateful!!

I went to bed with a weary head and a heavy heart, I don't remember much more about this nights end, I do remember, very vividly though I was thinking just how my life had changed in the past few years, months, weeks, days and now seemingly hourly. 

Good Night, sweet dreams!

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