Dr's orders

We woke up early and to our surprise not by David, I woke on my own and met my mom in the hallway on the way to the restroom. I knew we had a full day ahead of us and was prepared, so I thought, it started with a confirmation phone call from the Dr making sure were would be at the hospital by 9am, I questioned the E.R. purpose and he said due to David's age and the severity of the disease, obviously since it took one life, I paused and had to ask, "is David in grave danger?" he calmly answered me, "I don't know, that is why when you register they will take you right back in, they are waiting your arrival."
I hung up the phone and was not going to tell my parents this as it was not even a possibility, we could not lose him to this awful disease.

My mom and I got ready, packed a bag and loaded David in the car for our little road trip to Valley Children's Hospital where the Dr was not kidding when he said they would be awaiting our arrival.  We were checked in and put in a room and greeted by a nurse who prepared us for what they would be doing today as far the spinal tap and blood tests, my mom was emotional and I was focused and quite frankly scared to death.  My girl's were in great health and had never had a hospital visit and to this day never a broken bone, this was definitely uncharted waters for me.

The nurses came in and offered us lunch, brought in what they thought we would have enjoyed as if we were the patients.  It was sometime later when the head nurse came in with tools in tow and a few assistants into the room, she looked around and asked where the patient was, we looked at one another and laughed and pointed to what she thought was a lonely blanket on the bed, he was teeny weeny, weighing in at 4 lbs 5 oz and barely 19 in at birth, to be honest he looked like a little furry baby monkey lying all wrapped up tight and sleeping as if wasn't even aware we had left the house. 
They began the spinal tap with 2 nurses holding him down, bending him literally in half while the head nurse performed the tap, I wondered what commotion he was going to cause with his size but in comparison to the needle and the delicacy of the procedure, they could not afford even the slightest move or he would be paralyzed. 
David was SO brave and barely made a peep the entire time, again, I don't even think he knew what was going on, this was little consolation, but at that it was. 

Several hours later, the procedure was over and the blood work was drawn and we were finally released to go home.  I had to make a follow up appointment with the lead Infectious Disease Dr the following week, when I was due home from New York.  I had to wait until Tuesday to get the results back from this tap which means I will be en route to New York as Monday is a holiday and in just 2 more days we would bury my sister. 

This `waiting` by far is going to be the ultimate test of my patience, my will and my faith!!

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