waking hours

I woke up, I think we all slept well, the girl's woke up and took David downstairs while I stayed upstairs for a little bit longer.  I was not excited at all to start my day, I didn't want to get up, I wanted to stay in bed and hide under the covers. 
I had a lot on my mind a heavy body and an even heavier heart.  I was worried about David and the impending test results, I had tons to do for our trip in now one more prep day and knew there was not going to be enough time to get it all done.  My youngest daughter would be staying with my aunt who lived across the street and David would be going {back} to my parents house tomorrow since we will be leaving first thing on Tuesday morning, I had NO idea if I was coming or going and that was enough to send me into a melt down as soon as my feet hit the ground this morning!

The girls and I had breakfast, David was fast asleep in his swing, he was a good boy, he woke up only every 4 hours last night so that means we all got to sleep for almost 10 hours with little interruption, we are nowhere NEAR catching up but this was one step closer. 
Julie came over and had coffee with me and we sat in the front room and just stared at David as he slept, she wanted to catch up on things and how yesterday 'really' went, since I didn't see her when I came home and the girls didn't talk much when they came home to relieve her.  We had a great talk and an even better cry, we were DEFINITELY ready for our trip, made some final plans and decided we would do some shopping tomorrow after I dropped David off and then attempt to celebrate my birthday which would be interesting in itself.

The girls and I had a relaxed day, we had a few visitors throughout the day and took it for what it was, another day we had together, another day we would count our blessings and another day to give thanks that we were alive.

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