Our follow-up appointment was this coming week, I planned it for my day off this time, I was FINALLY getting the hang of this scheduling appointments thing. 
I had been contacted through First Five of California that David was eligible for services due to his hearing loss determined in his newborn screening evaluation.  I had contacted them and advised them the circumstances and the antibiotic treatment he was currently undergoing, they wanted to come to the house and give me information on their program's and services and discuss just how beneficial it could be for him at this age. All I could think of was "he is just 6 months old" how can a program benefit him at this age, he does nothing but eat, sleep, poop and of course steal our hearts with his smile?!?!  BUT I was all about making sure he had all the resources available to him to thrive while maintaining/staying within the guidelines of the court system and holding true to my commitment to my sister.

I was hoping David's father would be coming in for a visit as I was heading out to our appointment at the infectious disease clinic but I got a text that said he got called into work early and he would not be making this scheduled visit, YES, I noted it and let him reschedule for the following week.
I was running low on formula and was hoping for this visit to replenish and some money since he had not been by due to us being in the hospital, I would have to get this supply and make sure he had the next one ordered.
I worried how this relationship would develop and just how it would play out as David got older..

Our appointment was good, it was emotional as the gals at the front desk were very happy to see David and said he looked better than ever.  Dr said he thought one more month on the antibiotic and we should be cleared with a clean bill of health, this is what I had been longing to hear, it was AWESOME news!  We were in and out of the office on about 30 minutes and headed home for a little nap before I went back to work tonight.
I called my folks and let them know what the dr had said, they were just as elated as I was, this was a huge step forward in getting this little angel back on track.

I had a message when I got home from the Audiology department at the hospital wanting to set-up/schedule an appointment to follow up on his newborn screening results so this can also be diagnosed and managed with more consistent results.  **sigh** let's call and make THIS appointment, OH, say in my spare time {insert sarcasm here} ------!!   I still had to call and schedule an in home visit wth the First Five team...

This is such a stressful/happy situation, there seems to be NO balance and no "norm" if you will, I've said it before but please allow me to "lather..rinse..repeat" I'm barely functioning on 'auto-pilot' mode!

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