no good bye's..

The best part about Vegas is the cheap buffet's, so where else would you find us in the morning, duh!
It was good and plentiful grub!
We made it back out to my grandmother's house mid morning to find my Uncle had arrived as well as my cousins {my aunts son's} they were all excited to meet David and were happy to see us. They had all travelled down for my sister's services so it was a bittersweet visit.

We spent most of the day at the house, I had gone back to the hotel for nap time, it was just too noisy at the house and I needed a break. David was on a schedule and was a baby that needed to be on his or the whole day was off, this didn't bother me, I was getting used to this nap thing and was quite fond of it myself :) I went back out in time for dinner, my folks had gone to the store to make sure there was enough for everyone, I helped my mom and aunt while the kids played with David and my dad talked it up with my uncle and cousins outside.
Dinner was good and the company was even better. Tonight would be an early night and to my surprise my dad treated me to the casino when we got back to the hotel, my mom was going to watch and put David to bed, score! We were gone for almost 2 hours then I returned and `tagged` my mom and she joined my dad on the casino floor, I took my little man to our room and we were off to la-la land..

I woke up early, well it was feeding time and I just stayed up since we were checking out today and per my dad, were hitting the road as soon as we hit the floor. WELL, I was up, ready, packed and off to eat breakfast and STILL nothing from my folks, hmmm, a little too much gambling I see when they FINALLY came to the buffet and found David and I nearly done. We all laughed as they sipped some coffee and past on eating :)
We stopped for a few things for the first leg of our trip back home and then out to my grandmother's for our good-bye's. My mom's phone had been ringing and she commented "why is my sister calling me?"  We had said our very sad farewell's, we don't say good bye as far as grandma is concerned, good byes are forever and farewell means we will see you again, soon!
WELL, her sister calling to tell her that her {oldest} daughter had told David's father we were in a {minor} car accident and that he was NOT happy and when we returned to the state that I would be forced to turn David over to him because I broke the court order!  ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW was the only response I could think of, well that was clean..my cousin was, well, close to the "crowd" that my sister and David's father hung around with, not saying a whole hell of a lot, but non-the-less I now had some damage control to do.

I called David's father on our next stop and asked him what the 'real' deal was and that my aunt was ill and wanted to see David possibly one last time, YES this visit my aunt broke down to us she is losing a battle to cancer she was diagnosed with a few months ago-GREAT-let's keep the hits coming! He had apologized and didn't say much until I called him on the fact he was angry I left the state without telling him, he kind of back tracked and said he didn't say he would take David away but did elude to the fact that I broke the court order, I told him I did not in fact breech the court order because it was up to me IF I wanted to divulge information to him about David and what I did with him since he had NOT complied with the order and given proof of his drug test. THIS was a win-win gamble for me, I lost money in Vegas but made a return on this "hand" I played with him **sigh**
REALLY... will it really be like this always, my dad was quick to say "I told you he is a manipulator and he will "do you wrong" ): 

The next several hundred miles were quiet and that was just fine with me!

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