what ever will he be...

the room suddenly got quiet and I had to question myself in silence, what is he up to, where has he gone to?
then I heard a faint noise, a strumming sound if you will. I followed the noise into a back room, a converted garage where there is a place for everything and everything in it's place!
I hear the guitar but not him, at first glance. I step closer to the doorway and see him standing in the dark corner with a guitar leaning from a corner, over shadowing him. He has a look of amazement as he strokes the strings and they answer him back.
He sees me and with a look of joy, tells me "wook mama, a gitar" I say "yes baby, I see your playing the guitar, it sounds beautiful, good boy!" He returns a VERY pleasing smile to me.
My father came into the room, took the guitar from the corner and sat down in a chair and as I left the room, he was on my dad's lap & they were playing the guitar and singing a song they had just made up..It was the most precious thing ever.

His latest fashion phase is either his cowboy hat or his choo-choo {train} engineer hat

He has an arm that is rock solid and dead on, only approaching 3 yr old

Will he be a musician?
Will he be a cowboy?
Will he be a baseball player?

He will be whatever he wants to be and have all the guidance and support one could ask for. This I truly believe will make him one of the most successful and productive people I will ever come across!!

God Bless you David

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