as I sat there....

all I thought about was the first time I had ever held them!

The day started out w/a text that said "I love you and miss you" it was from my youngest daughter Andrea and I'm sure was about the time she was getting ready for school.
As a divorced/single parent in an extraordinary situation to not have your children with you is something that is with you every minute of your day..It makes you stronger and so very thankful for the time you have with them!
I replied to her text and a dinner was set for that very evening, she and her boyfriend were going driver in to meet me and David. David was so very excited to see 'sissy'.
I had received another text prior to her arrival that said "on our way momma and I have a surprise for you"
I replied "I can't wait"
They arrived and as we were being seated Andi told the hostess, "there will be 2 others joining us" as she looked at me with a grin.
We sat down and ordered our drinks and she proceeded to order for the 2 to follow, she said 'they will have Dr. Pepper' I knew right away it would be my oldest daughter and her boyfriend. They would be driving from almost 45 minutes away to just have a dinner w/us and turn around and go home.
THIS is when you know you have raised the most amazing kids ever!!
...as we all sat at the table, talked, laughed, ate I saw them each interacting with one another as well as their boyfriends it silenced all the background noise for me and took me to the first days I spent with them, holding and interacting with them and made me as proud of them today as the day I held them as my own.
Difference now is, I have to share them with others and take to heart they will continue to be the greatest young women they have grown to be..their families will be so rich in love!

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