a Happy Ending....

my night at work could be described as 'busy' at best. I left the house w/a little man NOT happy that I was going to work and had worked himself up as I was rushing out the door.

I got to work and as I checked in he was fast alseep & unfortunately with a lot of movement during the night.

I returned home only to find a little shadow standing within the shutters, decorating the HUGE window that looks out towards the street. As I began to pull into the driveway, I stopped, rolled the window down and waved really big, I saw in return a little tiny hand waving back.

As I pulled into the driveway, into the garage, I gathered my belongings and went into the house. My little man was STILL at the window as I heard him whispering "mama home" which filled my heart so full it almost burst!

He then ran into the living room, not even looking into the kitchen where I had been standing and just set my stuff down. He heard the slight movement and made a 'dash' back to the window, just catching sight of me standing there, he made an abrupt turn, almost slipping and sliding in his Elmo slippers and rushed into my arms. The thoughts and feelings at that VERY moment are un-explainable, or in simple terms, JOY!

I held/loved him for quite sometime, we shared a banana and then sat on the floor and played ball {roll back}. I was exhausted and would not have given that time up for anything in the world. SO much so when I was finally able to lie down to sleep all I heard was the pitter-patter of his little feet all over the house. He was obvisouly also filled with joy!

this is MY life!

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