Love & Money...

does one outweigh the other, are they EVER equal or do they exist as a whole?

as I woke up this morning, the note simply read:
"I hope you feel better, I made this to make you smile"
my reply:
"it worked!!!"

I have had a week of the littlest things being done, that ultimately has made a huge impact on the way I look at my life!
there are no BIG promises..
there are no BIG plans..
there is no BIG diamond..
there is no mansion..
there is no lavish vacation..
there is NO money that could buy the love I feel and the security he gives me..
the faith in knowing he will NEVER be untrue to me..It is the scariest thing I have felt in a long time..
I think I am opening up to the fact that there is a "Happy Ending" and I may have found it!

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