Morning thoughts...


when an OLD friend says things that are so very hurtful, is it truly their demeanor? It is something you truly have been struggling with and have never approved of their action's but their intentions would move mountains!

when your children test and push you to the point you have given up on them, when in all actuality you have given up on yourself. You are the one who raised them the way they are. YES, let them back in and keep the lines of communication OPEN and HONEST! Trust me, it will be the best thing that could have happened between the two of you!

second chances, they are real, they are struggles, they are HUGE choices, they could be the worse thing or they could be the best thing that could have EVER happened! Are you willing to take the chance?

when you are SO tired you begin to question your very being, whether it be in the current situation or your entire life, it can be very over-whelming..I choose to look at the very things that have me frustrated and silently find the strength in them to move forward and with a HUGE smile!

when people lie is it truly for their own good or yours? is it only hurtful because you may have found out about it and would have never known the difference? is there a difference in a chronic liar or a few little white lies here and there, when do they become habit and consume that person's life? I guess as long as your true to yourself then you can call it all even? Hmmmm

when a NEW friend from so long ago you can't remember comes into your life literally within moments and it is like old times in an instant!

O.K. I think I have touched all the basis for my issues today =)

ENJOY your day and don't forget to SMILE at a random person you come in contact w/today!!

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