If you had....

a million dollars, how would you share it? DON'T be greedy it is NOT becoming of you!

ONE more chance to say I love you, who would you call? It might be the last thing they hear from you or NEED to hear from you..

ONE more day, what would you do, who would you spend it with? Think 'really' hard about this one, it may not be that obvious!

a choice between life and death, what would you choose? Your life would mean nothing and you death would change lives..

a chance to talk to someone in the past or present who would it be?

the power to change someone's life, would you? What would you do?

the choice to be RICH in love or RICH in money which would you choose?

the chance to do it over would you?

the opportunity to "freeze" your life where it is now would you do so?

to give up one thing in your life, something from your daily routine, a luxury, a habit, bad or good, what would it be? Think long and hard on this one, you may never get it back?

the choice to be a follower or a leader, which would you choose? Are you strong enough to be a leader or weak enough to be a follower?

a chance to make a difference, would you? I'm not talking about joining a cause, I mean truly making a difference, do we even know what that means anymore?

an opportunity to fast forward your life..maybe like a remote, "skip to the next frame, stop"

NO more access to e-mail or cell phones, would you even remember how to write a letter, call/talk from a stationary phone, where would you even find the time?

a chance to live out a scene from you all time 'favorite' movie, what would it be? MINE, for sure would be something within the {orig} Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

to admit your faults, are you strong enough to do so?

Bottom line here folks is we ALL have a chance to make a difference in our daily lives and touch others w/random acts of kindness!
They do not have to be big, you don't have to move mountains, you just simply have to make an attempt and recognize the impact you may have had, it is truly that simple!
Try it, you might like it and heaven forbid it become a habit!!

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