from a WISE man ..

"You are not rich until you owe someone/somebody money"
I am convinced money is the root of all evil and for this it has destroyed a family! Can someone please tell me that there is NO AMOUNT OF MONEY that would cause them to turn on their own flesh & blood?
Is there NOTHING one would not do, NO distance far enough, NO depths one would not reach to make sure that all you ever cared about was safe/secure and well taken care of?
This writing today comes with an extremely heavy heart, one that aches for those I am witnessing being destroyed and forced to question the very people they once loved!
I truly believe and practice that one is the richest when they have all the things they want in life, how big or how small, the choice is yours .. I'm thankful each and every moment for my own Health/Family as well as my multiple daily Blessings, I find them everywhere and that is a gift NO ONE can EVER take away!!

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