heavy sigh...


emotions are HIGH then LOW...how does one's body become so resistant to such abuse?

today is a better day, well, better than the prior 3 if you will. all seems to be well, but the damage is done, the words have been spoken and the fact that you have been made to "settle" for something and it is against all you've wanted/wished for is something less than a victory.

you move on with the hopes that 'someday' just SOMEDAY it will all be understood and have the knowledge that there are truly SOME things that are not in your control and you have to take comfort in knowing they will always come back to you -=- when you can make that effort, make it count!!

im certain they know what it would be like if I was NOT here, because I definately know what it would be like if they were NOT here!

take a moment to send a positive message, perhaps a word of encouragement to someone that is on your mind at this very moment, it may just be what they needed to hear/read...till next time

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