does one REALLY know..

it seems lately there is a lot of talk about life being a gift..last night while on our road trip, train ride, we sat next a a lady from Michigan, clearly on vacation and spending a lot of her time in the Yosemite mountain area.
she was snapping pictures of people as we walked about, ate, then boarded and rode the train to our next destination.
she soon caught eye of David, or he caught the eye of her, he is such a little flirt!
on the 45 minute train ride to the camp fire she snapped a few of his pictures, totally candid and at one point I thought to myself, "what is she doing, this seems kinna weird" but as we talked and as she snapped many others I pictured them all showing up in an art display/gallery somewhere for all others to view the faces of the world, if you will! she even captured a few of me laughing and playing with David at the camp fire.
THEN it happened, one of the singer's in the band began to talk about it, the "gift" of life and what humans take for granted in nature as well as the shortness & purpose of one's life.
at that moment I thought to myself, this lady REALLY needs to know the story behind David, she would so need to keep this with her as she will always have the pictures, my mind kept justifying telling her how he came about!
UNTIL he climbed up onto her lap and they sang the last song of the night, sitting at the camp fire, America the Beautiful, he sat facing her and she sang to him and he was humming and mouthing all the words she sing to him. as I stood a few steps back and watched this amazing exchange, I knew right then that she knew the story and got from him at that very moment all she needed to know about the little boy with BIG brown eyes she had been photographing and laughing with for the last 2 hours!

God Bless my life....

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