Self Acceptance...

it is as gratifying:

as the sun is bright

as the day is long
as the summer's are hot
as the springs are beautiful
as the laughter of a child is contagious
as the ocean is salty
as your slumber is never enough
as your dream's should always be bigger than you
as the time that passes fast only makes memories for you
when you come to the realization that you have done all you can do to make your life the best it can be
when you are in a state of mind that makes you realize that there is nothing more you can do
when you realize you HAVE accomplished most of your life goal's
when you realize that the best memories are the one's you live with on a daily basis
when you come to the realization that life is too short to regret anything.......
you look in the mirror and say:
"I AM ME, TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME" I am HAPPY with me and there is nothing I am not willing to do for ME!
the rest comes together and you will be pleasantly surprised just who you find and I may not be talking about yourself!!

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