"Others' unpredictably could have far more effect on you than you might like. You might want to retreat. You feel as if you are caught between a rock and a hard place. RELAX"
My NOT so fav word, relax, but is very fitting after the last couple days I have had! Soooooo, I will, relax that is..
I've been vociferous and spoke my feeling in regards to feeling like I was taking back seat in a wedding I have waited all her life for. For her only to admit she has been "humoring me" and shooting down every suggestion I have given, it has already been thought of, taken care of...
I've taken a stance on a disrespectful child, newly turned 18, so adult, and have only had it thrown back in my face. For her to leave me a voice mail that was fit for a 12 year old, words could not explain the overwhelming urge to throw my phone off the highest mountain.
I've been 'scolded' by an ex-husband who is a hypocrite of his own life quoting "there is always 2 sides to a/the story" yet NOT wanting to hear the other side & quick to judge and only become involved 'when' it may benefit him. I will leave the scary stories and details to my own demise!
I've cried..
I've called and apologized with the suggestion of talking more in detail only for it to not be accepted..
I do have a GREAT support system
I do know she will come around
I do know that it hurts as bad as it feels
I do know this to shall pass
I do know that it will be a magical day
I do know that I have done ALL I CAN for them as they are today who I have made them!
I do know they realize and appreciate me!
huge HEAVY sigh

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