Inquisitive minds want to know..

he wants to know if this is "your married ring mom" you know, the day you and me and daddy got married together!

he wants to know how to marry a girl, well, I mean, how do I ask her?

he wants to know when he gets big and drives, when he turns 10 that he can go to the mall and buy video games and play them online with his big brothers..

he wants to make sure that he can live with me and daddy forever, he doesn't want to leave because he says I will cry, right mom??

he wants to make sure when people die they turn into butterfly's and come back and play with you all the days and nights!

he wants to know what we are doing every minute of every single day!

he wants to know that PaPa is his best friend..

he wants to WHY he can't ask why all the time..

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