oh this little man!

this morning my little bundle of joy woke up in a great mood, jumping in my arms, throwing his legs around me and hugging me tight..as I walked in to wake him up for school..

"I had a good sleep mama!" 

"I am glad baby..."

"Did you sleep o.k. mama?"

"I slept o.k..."

"Mama, you know what? you are the best-est mom cuz' you rock!"

"You think so huh?!"

"Ya' cuz' you love me a lot and daddy too!"

It is literally the littlest things that can make your day~as he dresses and bee-bops down the stairs humming and smiling I stood in his doorway with a tear in my eye and a very full heart..one last look back up to me..

"Are you coming mama?"

I recite to myself "yes baby, I will follow you forever and a day!" 

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