the fixer-upper..

how can something so right be so wrong? WAIT, isn't that a country song, sigh! 
when you know someone's past, you know what they have been through, you completely understand it, you grieve for them and have compassion ~ you seemed to have conveniently over looked some important advice ~ perhaps because of who it may have came from, you continue to trip over the warning signs and surprisingly you still have deep faith that things will come together and be the way you KNOW they can be and quite frankly should be?! 

is there a reason you have a passion for fixing things?? is there a reason everyone one comes to you when they have no where else to go, is there a reason you have the voice to soothe a broken or misguided heart and the soul of an unsung angel?? 

until there is a concrete answer never give up on those who need you and pray to god that the one day you are in need someone will be there to fix you up!! 

MY heaven on earth!


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