If this doesn't make you think just how short our individual lives could be then I don't know what would?! I have been contemplating this question for a few hours believe it or not and I can not think of anything I would do!
If you think about it long enough there are a million things that come rushing to your mind, go here, go there, go see this person, say this to that person, buy this and that, I think you get the idea..

My only question is why wouldn't you do these things on ANY given day, why the {rush} the day before you knew it was your last?! ?! The meaning {can} tends to get lost if it is felt to not be sincere ~ perhaps only done because it has to be said or done ~ then is it really for you or the other person?!

I think I would ultimately want to sit at the edge of the beach line and relish in the fact that I lived a fulfilling life and all the things that needed to be said and done were and that I did not want for one more {material} thing~

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