the shower....

went off without a hitch, the gifts were plentiful and the love and support was so much more!  She was happy yet there was a worry about her, I noticed and made sure she knew, I knew.  Not much more was said other than "I'm OK". 

The day ended and the picture that will forever be sketched in my mind and in my heart is one of her in the middle, me, my mom and middle sister all close around her with all of our hands on her belly, it would become the most cherished picture by us all!  She cherished all the gifts she received for her little boy whom would be joining our family in another 3 or 4 weeks.

The next call I got was earlier than expected, about a month early than any of us had expected.  I had planned on going down to have a lunch date with her in the coming week, my next days off to discuss and offer her to come stay with me when the baby arrived so she would have moral support and love she needed, not to mention the rest.  I was on vacation pretty much the month she was due, it was my norm for the last 4 years so I thought it would be a good option for her, alas, it didn't happen, the lunch date anyway, he was coming whether we were all ready or not.

My oldest daughter was not in school this day so she grabbed camera in hand and took off for Madera while I slept a little more, since I worked the night before and knew for sure I would get to the hospital before he was born, since this was her first birth and they never happen faster than a snails pace BOY, literally, was I surprised!! 
He was here, happy, healthy and she did AMAZING and was resting well was the next phone call I had received.  By the time I called my mom back, my oldest daughter was home and let me know that the baby was fine, although he was being transferred to Valley Children's ICU unit in Merced due to his inability to eat/swallow and keep his food down, he was a month early weighing in at 4 lbs 5 oz 18 inches long and was in good health. 
She was tired, and rested the remainder of the night the released the next morning.  I did not make it down to the hospital and planned on going to my parents house in 2 days when I was not working, I worked nights and was used to my sleep!!

I called the next afternoon and spoke with my mom who said that my sister was still tired and she was having to force her to eat so they had made plans to take her to Merced to see her baby boy in hopes of cheering her up. 

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