it's all in the smell...


the last couple weeks David has been very very very loving, I mean overly from his normal "I Love Yous" a dozen times a day he brings to me/us, don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining and will take them everyday and twice on Sunday!!

lately his obsession is with 'smelling' me.  our nightly routine consists of me giving him a hug, kissing him and tucking him into bed when I leave for work, he will say "have a good night at work mommy" and then follow with "you `mell` good mama" I love you, I reply with a thank you baby & I love you the world!!
tonight he gave a big hug/kiss and then as I stood up he said "wait mom, let me smell you" and he came in as close as he could and then let go producing a HUGE smile, one that illuminated 'now I can sleep tight'. 
I asked him if he wanted me to spray some of my perfume on his bear so he could smell me/it as he went to sleep, the excitement was almost too much for him, he turned to run out of my room and quickly stopped and rushed back towards me and in a swift motion lifted his pajama shirt and said "pray me mama", I did and he ran into his room and said "mell me daddy darrow, I mell like mama now"

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