if you have ever....

been in a hospital room/setting when a Dr has called a "time of death" then you will SO get what I'm going to write, if not, then I will do my best so most of you will at least understand what it is like!

The days were long and the nights were definitely longer!  When you sit and watch someone who is immobile, someone who has no voice, someone who has no response{s} and someone who has no fight left in them yet they are fighting for their life, it somehow doesn't matter that you may have not slept for hours, even days or laid down for just as many minutes as you have been by their side.

How can one even fathom that there is a much bigger life that needs to be preserved, separate than the one that lies in front of you, yet a life that is a soul part of the person lying in front of you...at the moment you realize that, it hits you that those lives may forever be separated.  The emotions become so overwhelming, so much so you can't think straight, you look around and there is no one in the room but you, no one you can look at for relief, no one who would even remotely understand what it feels like to be looking at such an uncertain future, one that is changing with every moment that passes.

You may not be certain at this specific time what that person may be trying to communicate to you, in what would ultimately be their last breath, but you are certain you know it will be honored or be given your best efforts!


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