the next phone call I received, well message left was from my mom, on a Monday afternoon telling me that my sister was sick, she had gone to the Dr this afternoon and he gave her some anti-depressant medication and told her it was most likely post-par tum depression, sent her home to rest so she would have much needed strength and energy when the baby came home.  I called my mom back, she said that she had not eaten for 2 full days now, would not get out of bed let alone come out of her room.  I told my mom I would be down tomorrow and I would most likely stay the night, I could tell there was a worry in our mother's voice.

I woke up to the phone ringing and my mom telling me that my dad had taken my sister to the Dr and she was being admitted to the hosp and she was on her way there now, I told her I would be on my way and meet her there.  I called my daughter's and told them what I knew, which was not a whole lot at this point, I would be home later and call them when I knew something more.

I arrived at the hospital, joined my folks in the E.R. room where they had admitted my sister, for now, as they continued to run more tests to see what problems she was having.  At this point it seemed to be her Asthma that was bothering her.  She suffered all her life and this was honestly nothing new, so I thought.  She was very uncomfortable and seemed to have a harder time breathing than what I was used to seeing her struggle with, but her spirits seemed high for the circumstances. 
She was very proud of her recent birth and was just as anxious to tell me all about it, I `shushed` her and told her we would talk a little later as the hours went by and I saw her struggling to form a word let alone speak a clear sentence.

It seemed as if we were in E.R for a few hours as the Dr's and nurses came in, administered medicine's and would be right back out again.  We joked and laughed amongst one another and even got her to smile at a few corny jokes about the people whom were coming in and out of the E.R dept. 
I remember feeling a sense of urgency of being there and not really having a lot of answers but again felt like it was something they would be able to manage with her normal medication/treatments and we would be back home in no time now.
I had called my daughter's and our sister out of town and didn't have too much to report on other than we were still being evaluated and I would call them when I was able to speak to the Dr after his evening rounds, they all had concerns and wanted more than what I was able to offer them.

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