I will begin with...

....the end or at least what I would like to think as the end of this journey.

The information read, as applicable to me, Maternal Aunt and to who has interest in the child when I am not present, I listed my husband which simply read Uncle. Thank you for the constant reminder; I am not his ‘mother’.

I had to proof read the application to make sure that all information was factual and truthful to the best of my knowledge under penalty and perjury in a court of law. I think the verbiage I read next was something that no one is supposed to neither read nor understand, as I can attest it took every ounce of faith I had, which wasn't a whole lot lately to pick up a pen and sign where I was instructed. It felt as if I was admitting to and being TOLD this is what you are, what he is to you and what type relationship you are supposed to have with him.

I took me a couple of years to be the slightest bit comfortable with the fact I was {to be} addressed/called his "mom". When he first learned to speak, it was calling me by my first name, albeit was inadvertently as he learned by hearing my daughters and my parents address me by my first name and not "mommy" as a normal young child would. So considering the circumstances and my slight stubbornness to accept this IS the role I had signed on for, I realize it took me longer than I would have liked to embrace the fact that his first words would be those of "ma-ma"! I’ve settled this in my heart simply out of respect for my sister but definitely not out of love I felt for the child.

The final line of the application read; said young minor being listed as an Orphan of the State of California

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