what is your story.....

I often wonder when I pull up next to someone at a stop light where are they going, where have they been what are they doing up at this hour whether it be my 'wee' a.m. or theirs or could just be the middle of the day.

He has the radio blasting, singing away, snapping his fingers, moving and grooving...would you think he was seconds away from shooting someone a few hours earlier or perhaps that he had to take make a split second decision and take 3 children away from their parents but also quite possibly saved their lives from the situation they were living in?

She has a look of despair, she is tired and just thrown together, a long night out perhaps, just coming home from the bar, work or has she been driving around all night because she was beaten & abused and left her house with the only thing she had on, has been driving for hours just for own safety?

He has a blank stare from behind the wheel, tired and defeated, perhaps a long night at work,  he had taken a life tonight and ponders the accident over and over again trying to make sense of what exactly happened and how it will affect his future?  what about the family of the man who lost his life? 

She is in a hurry, practically passing every car that happens to come in her path, making sure each one she passes knows she is late for her destination.  Does life move that fast that we must be in such a hurry that we forget our manners?

He sits and as the light turns green he is cautious to move, then does so at a snails pace, is he afraid to drive, is he too old to drive, has he been in an accident before?  I'd like to think he has seen it all, and I mean ALL.  I'd venture to say when he began to drive the roads were made of dirt, he DID walk 1 mile to school, in the snow with hand me down shoes and no socks, he fought a war and saw death first hand and he has lived a rich life and will never say poor me! !

A booth at a restaurant, an elder couple sipping coffee, no conversation, just the company, do they not have anything to say to one another, are they angry?  They have been blessed with a beautiful life together, the irony is, they don't have to say a word, the presence of one another and the day they have been given is all they simply ask for at this age/stage in their life!!

I dream of having a job {or rich enough to not worry about money} where I can sit next to someone and ask them "what is your story?"  where the minutes turned into hours yet it seems as not on second had gone by...

EVERY single one has a story to tell, some of interest and some of fiction but before your quick to call them a liar or think that this could NOT have happened think twice of your short comings or I like to consider them blessings, genuinely smile and wish them a good day! !

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