he has this idea she lives in the moon...

...on nights it is full, bright and lights the entire sky he will say "wook mama, how bootaful da moon is, dat where mudder tanya is huh?" I simple reply "yes baby, she is up there watching us!!"

last night was a not so clear night, the clouds were coming in, they were dark and the moon, aka, mudder tanya's house, was only of a crescent shape, that didn't seem to stop his noticing and the barrage of questions was a little more intense this time around....

"mom, wook at the moon, it's following us huh" Yeah, it is kind of dark tonight huh? "yeah...mudder tanya is up there, right?" Yes, David she is, I agree because I simply don't know what else to say, he has visited the cemetery and he knows his mother died and he now lives with me/us. "mudder tanya died huh?  Yes she did David. "what happen to mudder tanya, did she killed her?"  No, David she was sick. "Oh so doctor gave her a shot?" Yeah he did David but she was really sick, she died and went to heaven.  "then I come live with you, huh mama?"  Yes, yes, David you came and lived with me....

the drive and our errands continued, I fought back tears and confirmed daddy darrow was listening as well, he simply shook his head 'yes'. 

we finished our errands and headed back home, he asked to roll the window down and daddy darrow told him "no son, not now, it is getting too cold outside" David replied "o.k. daddy, but hurry mudder tanya is ahead of us, she is going to beat us!!" {in a little excited voice} sooo with a little 'rev' of the truck engine David thought we were in a race with mudder tanya, which did not stop the next round of questions;
"mom, I don't want to go stay with mudder tanya, I want to stay with you!"  O.K., you don't have to go see her, he cut me off, "we can just go visit huh?" I began to reply..Well, and he stopped me again, "did mudder tanya hold me, did she kiss me?" Yes, David she did, she loved you very much and she did hold you and gave you great big kisses.  "and den I come live with you?"  Yes, yes baby boy, then you came and lived with mommy!! 
then all at once it was.... DADDY DARROW hurry, go faster, mudder tanya is beating us!!  and with that, we arrived home and he was focused on a bath and how he did NOT want to wear a pull-up to bed, he was a big boy now and didn't need a diaper, as he called them. 

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