his frequent request...

....of course with everything up to this point nothing runs smoothly when it comes to Mr. David DeMello.  his dentist appointment went well and he was SO BRAVE, almost to the point it was all a dream, we were so so so proud of him and praised him till he laid his head down to rest.

David developed a mass, OK, spot, it looks like a huge white growth on the bottom of his lip where the fillings were performed, on Saturday, procedure was the day before. by Sunday he was not eating and even with his extremely high pain tolerance it was hurting him, he was not eating because of the pain.  I called the dentist Monday morning as I was afraid it was a start of or a staph infection.  I took him in the afternoon and everyone including the receptionist came to see him saying they were all worried about him all day!!

the on-call Dr. looked at him, said he was fine, it was just a huge ulcer that had formed from the stress of the appointment and/or David worrying up to and including the procedure.  David got to play with the train set, get a toy from the token machine and even got a balloon as we left.

as we said our good-byes and left, David tells me, balloon in hand, "I want to go see mudder tanya mom" I try to quietly tell him before he interrupts me, with a louder request because he did not hear me tell him before, "MOM I WANT TO GO SEE MUDDER TANYA" now he has the attention of the entire room and the receptionist asks "where does he want to go?" I look at her and say that is his mother, his mother tanya, when he gets a balloon he likes to often let them go so she can have them, play with them, she stops me and says "Ohhh your gunna make me cry, I'm so sorry I asked!!"  I say it is ok and we wave good-bye.

we get to the car and David says "I can't see the moon, where is mudder tanya today" she is up there baby..."but she died, why she go to the sky mommy?" I told him, everyone that dies goes to heaven, that is where they live..."mudder tanya had me, den kissed me and den died?" Yes David, then you came and lived with me...."o.k. mama, can we go to park when we get home?"  Yes, Yes we can!!

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