where did this come from?

it feels like a mule just kicked you right square in the chest....it is SO unexpected that you can't even speak, yet your silence will most likely bring more accusations of guilt....guilt you have none of, guilt that is being forced upon you and "swears" that make you go where you never want{ed} to go, especially when it is to someone whom should have he utmost ultimate faith & trust in you....

a few people this, actually a handful of people that, who now have a seed planted onto them that they have no idea how to process, a seed that will now follow YOU for a long time to come, if not forever!!  HOW does one defend that?  HOW does one acme face-to-face with `these` said people?  HOW does one stop shaking long enough to compose a word, or gather a thought?

HE will never know, he honestly will NEVER know!!

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