speaking on HIS behalf....

how do you grieve a soul that would not have grieved for yours?

perhaps it is forgive but never forget?  is it that your love for life leads you to believe all soul's are good, there is no evil?  yet can't help forget the tainted past and the last conversation?  is this what God REALLY wants us to remember or is it a step in grieving the lose of your last sibling?

we do learn by example and even at my age, I continue to learn from my father..love, trust and most of all forgive!

he is an amazing man whom is faced with demons he has a hard time fighting, for he has fought the ultimate fight of war and still feels defeated.  he has lost all 3 of his siblings in a matter of 3.5 years and yet still remains to be the "rock" of our little family, always worried about others and never speaks of himself, wonder where we get it from..

I LOVE YOU dad and as ALL the other tragedies, we will get through this, as a family, a family you created and built with your love, trust and most of all, FORGIVENESS!!

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